Keeping Up with International Refugee Law Research

Legal practitioners who are interested in keeping up to date with international refugee law research and information can do so through the Forced Migration Current Awareness blog.  This free service directs readers to full-text content in the form of:

  • Law review/journal articles: browse “law reviews” for examples
  • Reports/working papers/comments: titles tend to be grouped together in thematic posts (example 1; example 2)
  • Theses/dissertations:  browse “theses” for examples

Bibliographic details for journal articles and books that are not available in full-text can be viewed via the “New Law” list displayed in the sidebar (the information is bookmarked using Diigo).

The blog also alerts readers to new issues of periodicals when they become available; among the regularly monitored titles are:

  • European Journal of Migration and Law
  • Fahamu Refugee Legal Aid Newsletter
  • Georgetown Immigration Law Journal
  • International Journal of Refugee Law
  • International Review of the Red Cross
  • Journal of Refugee Studies
  • Refuge: Canada’s Periodical on Refugees
  • Refugee Survey Quarterly
  • The Researcher
  • Women’s Asylum News

Finally, the blog posts information about upcoming events and opportunities (browse “events” for examples) as well as other types of web resources (new sites or research tools).

All posts are assigned subject term “labels” which are taken from the International Thesaurus of Refugee Terminology; a complete list of terms used to date is provided in the sidebar on the right.  For example, see what the blog has on “international protecton” and the 1951 Convention relating to the Status of Refugees (“CSR51“).  Or take a look at coverage of specific issues such as “detention,” “legal representation,” or “right to employment.”

Alternatively, conduct searches to locate references when no adequate subject term exists (e.g., lgbt*) or when two concepts need to be combined (e.g., “human trafficking” nexus).

To stay informed, just sign up to receive notices of new posts via the RSS feed or an email subscription.

Hope you find this service useful!

Elisa Mason
Information Specialist


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